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While we value the financial support which advertising revenue brings, we feel it is necessary to have a policy on advertising. In particular we feel that we can only carry advertisements which promote products or services which are relevant to our readers. We prefer companies and organizations which have clear policies aimed at reducing their own carbon and resource footprints.


  • Ultimate opportunity for truly effective business‐to‐business relationships in the creative field
  • Huge potential customer base: Research & Development, Design professionals, Industries, Artists, Businesses, Educational Institutes and Students.
  • Having your name associated with Pool Magazine will make your link top‐of‐mind with members.


  • Sponsors name and logo will be featured on all issues and will be given prominent recogniLon on partner banners at any event.
  • Product/Service sponsorship can be looked into.
  • Our package is designed to fit into your existing marketing and communications programs. It lets you achieve a link with this highly desirable and targeted audience

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